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Jowler Creek Cattle Company is a Fourth Generation Black Angus Cattle Farm out of Platte County, MO. In addition to cattle, we also row crop (corn, soybeans, and wheat) and use a portion of the crops we grow and harvest for cattle feed. Our cattle operation includes commercial cow/calves, replacement heifers, backgrounding, and finishing. In early 2020, we decided to market our beef for retail and direct to the customer. We want to be a local source of beef for our surrounding communities’! We want to build a relationship between the consumer and the farmer! We want to educate our customers on common/safe agriculture practices in the cattle industry and dispel common misconceptions that surround the cattle industry. Education is key and we feel blessed to have a platform to share.

We take pride in our cattle and the quality of our beef products. Endless hours go into caring for our cattle, after all, they are our livelihood, and we care for them humanely and ethically. We believe in full transparency with our customers. What you see is what you see!

“We thank you for your interest in us and for our customers who support our farm family.”
The Richardsons

Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

What makes your cattle taste so good?
  • We believe this answer is two-fold:  First, we have had great mentors (3 generations worth) that have shown us how to be great cattlemen.  To this day, we are blessed enough to work alongside our Dad and two uncles who have been farming for 50 years!  We cherish their knowledge, life lessons, and the skill sets they have passed down to us. 
  • Secondly, our feed program results in superior marbling.  We work with a feed consultant from Great Plains Livestock Consulting, who aids us in developing our feed rations to promote the highest quality of beef we can produce!  There truly is a science to feeding cattle and a lot of technology! 
Are your cattle grain-fed?

Yes!  Our cattle are grain-fed for a minimum of 120 days!  Another reason they taste so good!

Do you only finish Black Angus Cattle?

No, but for our retail meat business (packaged meat and whole, 1/2, 1/4 portions of beef) our customers are guaranteed 100% Black Angus Beef!  We handpick premium Black Angus Cattle for our retail and custom meat business.  Ninety-five percent of what we finish is Black Angus, the other five percent are cattle bought from local farmers and are sold to National Processors.

Is your beef USDA Inspected?

Yes!  Meat sold for retail must be USDA inspected.  Every package of Jowler Creek Cattle Co. meat will have a USDA stamp on it!

Who do you use for processing?

We use Thomas Farms Quality Meats for our retail packages and Clark’s Custom Meats for whole, halves, and quarters.

Do you offer sides of beef?

Yes!  We sell whole, halves, and quarter sides of beef, all of which are processed with Clark’s Custom Meats, in St. Joseph, MO.  We have a ten-year working relationship with Clark’s and cannot say enough good things about them!  They are great people who take pride in their work and their relationships with their customers.  You will love them!  We ask that you contact us for more information and to be placed on our schedule.

Are your cattle antibiotic free?

Yes and No!  We only administer antibiotics when the situation calls for it (illness).  Do we run our cattle through the chute just to shoot them with a needle as a preventative measure?  The answer is a BIG NO!  No good cattleman does that!  That would be unethical and an unnecessary expense to the farmer.  This is a huge misconception within the cattle industry, and we are grateful to have a platform to educate the public on the hot topic of “antibiotics!”  Animals given antibiotics cannot be harvested before the standard withdrawal period.  You cannot administer an antibiotic and then ship cattle to a processor right away.  The protocol must be followed, and a withdrawal period provided.  Animals harvested after the approved withdrawal period will not have antibiotic residue, outside of the FDA approved standards, in them.  We encourage you to read more about this by visiting https://www.kla.org/resources/beef-safety.

Are your cattle hormone free?

Yes and No!  Again, this is where we are thankful to have a platform to educate the public on another “hot topic” issue that gives farmers and cattlemen a bad name.  First, there is NO such thing as “hormone-free” because all animals, including humans, produce hormones.  We do implant our cattle via a small pellet that is placed under the skin on the back of the cattle’s ear.  After the animal has been euthanized, the ear is removed before processing.  The implant simply supplements existing hormones or compensates for missing hormones in the cattle’s body.  The hormones are metabolized (used by the animal’s body) before they are harvested!  Implants are regularly monitored to ensure safety and have been screened through the FDA’s strict review process (Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association).

Is organic or natural meat safer than conventionally produced beef?

Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference and we respect whatever decision you make!  “All beef, regardless of production method, is safe, wholesome and nutritious. The beef industry provides consumers with healthy choices including conventional, natural, organic and grass-fed” (https://www.kla.org/resources/modern-beef-production).   

Do you have a storefront?

Not at this time.


Do you deliver?

Yes!  We deliver to the following zip codes listed below. Delivery fees are applied at checkout. If you are outside the listed zip codes but would like to place an order, please contact us and we can make arrangements.  We hope to expand our delivery service in the near future! We offer free delivery for orders over $75.




How does delivery work?

Deliveries are made on Monday’s, usually between 9am and noon.  Please be sure to leave a cooler for your items if you will not be home.  Thank you.



What People are Saying

“Taste is Excellent!”

“Jowler Creek Cattle Company Is Absolutely Wonderful! From the service to the Meat. Folks, I am telling you we have been Longtime Customers of another place. But I believe we have made a switch. The hamburger alone is not greasy, Cooks up great, and the taste is excellent! I highly recommend giving Them a try, You won’t regret it!”

Barbara C.

“Best Meat I’ve Had!”

“It’s the Fourth of July, a holiday and I needed meat, miscalculated, and needed steaks. Sent a message asking if there was any way I could buy some meat and crazy enough they said come on up. They were there waiting for me, great people great product. The meat tasted fantastic, family happy, complete win-win. Thanks again, guys!

And by the way some of the best meat I’ve had.”

Nathaniel H.

“Exceptional Service”

“We recently purchased a ½ beef from Ryan & Lauren; talk about exceptional customer service besides mouth-watering beef!  Win-Win for sure!  I highly recommend you reach out to Jowler Creek Cattle Company; you will be extremely happy!  We are!”

Doreen K.

“Flavorful & Tender”

“We have been buying our beef from Ryan and Lauren for 3 years now.  The quality of meat is superior and always flavorful and tender.  We feel so fortunate to have a local cattle company that we can trust to produce high quality, great-tasting, and good old home-grown beef that we know is safe to eat and never going to disappoint!

Giger Family

“Never Eat Store-Bought Again!”

“We have been eating this beef for years and will never eat store beef again!  Highly recommend!”

Smith Family

“Best Meat I’ve Had!”

“Once you try beef from Jowler Creek Cattle Co. you won’t be able to eat store-bought again.  And it comes with great service as well!”

Shelley B.


“Great family-owned business and a great product at a great price.  Will continue buying from them.”

Davis Family

“Great Service & Great Prices”

“Highly recommend.  Great meat and great service at great prices!

Hinton Family

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