I am often asked why is there such a difference in local/farm raised beef versus that in the grocery store?  I truly love when customers ask me questions.  Without such questions, we in the agricultural industry can never bridge the gap between our world and that of our customer.

So, why should consumers buy local beef?  Well, the answer is two-fold:  First, and what I feel is most important, is TRANSPERANCY.  When you purchase directly from the farmer you are guaranteed to get what you are paying for!  Most consumers would be shocked to know that NOT all beef sold in the U.S. is from the U.S.!  More and more, beef is being imported to the U.S. and then sold to you the consumer.  This is wrong!  As it stands now, the label “Product of USA” is proudly displayed on retail beef simply because it is processed in the U.S.  This is unacceptable and the label “Product of USA” should only be displayed on beef that originated from the U.S.  To read more about this visit:  U.S. cattle groups call for clear labels | Livestock | agupdate.com

Lastly, there is NO comparison between the taste of local beef and that of retail beef.  Why is there such a difference?  Well, this comes down to the feed program and, again, that factor of transparency.  For example, our family raises Black Angus Cattle, so when you purchase beef from us, you are solely eating Black Angus Beef!  In addition, we work with a feed consulting group who aids us in developing our rations to promote the highest quality of beef we can produce.  You will most notably see the difference in the marbling of our beef.  Origin of cattle, breed of cattle and a well-developed/implemented feed program are HUGE factors in producing quality and mouth watering beef!